Sayonara, School!

Harshitha Satish, I B.A. Economics


We would have stepped into this divine portal about a decade and a half ago, tightly holding onto our parents hands crying out aloud, “I want to go home!” With a handkerchief neatly pinned onto the uniform and a cute middle-part pony stiffly standing upright, our parents would have handed us over to a lady with a smile who welcomed us with wide arms. Our parents would have probably been in the same position with their parents, as we stand in front of a classroom, which in the near future might be the cause for exam stress and sleepless nights. They tell us, “You will like it in here. This is your teacher. You stay here, and amma and appa will go buy chocolates and we will be back in a while. Is that okay, baby?”

Even as you make a scene with your totter and clamour, they still leave you behind in this new place. A big mistake you thought back then only to be proved wrong. This story is not just about you and me, but everybody who has been a child. It’s almost a year since I left school and the funny truth about saying hard goodbyes is you never appreciate what you had until it is gone.

The alphabets kindergarten taught helped me pen these words, the English recitations have given me the courage and College has taught me to be grateful. School educated and inculcated values in us. It carried us for long, preparing us to face the world in front of us.

Growing up in the school compound we learnt reading is fun, maths is cool, and physical training is good. Every school night had homework and every weekend was full of studying. You probably did not enjoy doing any of them but when you left, you put on the same face you chose to put on fourteen years earlier in the same place, outside the classroom.

It has been both an ending and a beginning; it’s warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future. Now as dreamers and achievers, let us all make more memories to preserve, admire, share and inspire. When we look back, we smile as we revisit the laughs we shared with friends and the whining with teachers. But, now it’s time for us to give back to this institution which has filled us with happy memories to cherish for life.

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