Mythological Musings

Radha Rani, II B.Com


·        In every version of the myth

that I have ever seen,

Icarus always


despite all the other may-have beens.


Because he reached for the sky,

drunk on the beauty he saw

but in the joy of his flight

he failed to observe the fall.



·        Honestly, what was Prometheus thinking

when he stole fire from the hearth,

did he know he’d soon have bleeding eyes,

to go with his bleeding heart?


And was Pandora really a fool?

they call it Pandora’s box,

but wasn’t she just an unwitting tool?


·        I do not think that Hades,
deserves the hate he receives,

at the least, he honours the dead,

while we mortals suffer other gods’ deceit.


·        I think that sometime,

I will visit the Garden of the Hespirides

and listen to the muses sing-

I will shoulder Atlas’ burden

and watch him unfurl his wings.


The world is not an easy burden to bear

but I believe that I will find it in me

to do the same.

to take deep, gulping breaths of air,

and hear the world echo with my name.


·        Do not let them fool you,

The old goddesses were vicious.

But they’d stand by their chosen,

they could never be called capricious.

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