Lullaby for Lillian

Radha Rani, II B.Com
Krishna J. Nair, II B.A. English


Sweet, sweet Lillian

I wonder where you are

The star has kissed Orion,

Here I am, near horizon.

Wondering where you are dreaming

Or if the stars where you sleep under

Are as quiet as my breathing.


I would say I wake,

When I feel a butterfly flit across my face

but that would be a lie,

for if I had been asleep,

then word would be I died.


But sweet, sweet Lillian

The lilies bloom in the garden

Under moonshine and shadows

Where I walk past a sign,

That sings, “Garden of Eden.”

Oh sweet, sweet Lillian.



on these oft lonely nights,

I think that I am accompanied

by some light

that stays always by me-

But no.

that cannot be

this is my garden,

and this is just me.


Sweet, sweet Lillian,

The bitter sweet sky is drooping.

The light that you see

Is the darkness in my shadow.

That moves swiftly in the bright

And dances like a dervish in the night.

For nothing is yours,

Nor it is mine.

Lillian, all the world would be ours

If you could see the light in the night.


in the space between twilight and stars,

I hear people say,

sweet dreams.

but what are dreams,

when you know not of sleep,

when there is something always lurking behind your eyes?

waiting for you to say goodnight?




if I were to know what

a dream was, a dream not lost,

I would say

it was the voice I hear

singing from the lily’s frost

and the gentleness

pervading the soft, sweet moss.


Sweet and sweetest Lillian

I see the cruelty of the night

Neath’ the darkness in your eyes.

I wish upon a star that grazes by

I wish you sweet, sweetest dreams

And a good night’s sleep.

While your eyes gaze away,

To the cuckoos in the woods

I’ll sleep by the moss

Who protects the wild lilies.

So, wander away, sweet Lillian.

Sleep, sweet Lillian

While I sing a song on your name.

A lullaby, for Lillian.

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