Ever since the new year began, it has been extremely busy for Stellaeidoscope and the rest of the College, alike. Trying to juggle between planning an inter-collegiate Open Mic in collaboration with the Western Music Club and the CAs and CAITs have been a tough job but we managed to do it.

This month’s issue brings a bit of the past and the present together – mythology. With a surge of revisioning of mythology in modern fiction, drama and films, the current generation is fascinated by the plethora of tales and magic mythology has to offer and are drawn to it more than ever before. While mythology can bring the past and the present closer, one has to be wary because very often in a nation like ours, mythology is substituted for history and science by right wing parties, creating dangerous narratives that has even led to destruction of heritage sites and massacres. Where does one draw the line between mythology and history/science is an important question that needs to be addressed.

That being said, this is going to be the last issue in this academic year and excuse us, as we get a little  nostalgic. This year has been a wonderful experience for all the club reps and we are extremely proud of all the work that the members have put into each issue. We are grateful to our faculty advisor, Ms.Ishleen for being constantly supportive and encouraging us to write ‘happy’ things. We hope the next academic year’s issues have more poems about sunshine and candy instead of broken hearts and death.  A final word of advice to all the members before we sign off – please stick to the deadlines!


For one last time,

Happy reading,

Team Stellaeidoscope (2018-19)

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