Sit-Down for Stand-UP

-Harshitha Satish, I Economics
Picture credits: Google Images
Just when the first benchers of the classroom graduated as engineers and doctors, the creative thinkers at the back benches were drawn to the world of comedy, art, dance, culinary, music and every other profession that the first benchers thought wasn’t their cup of tea. This is exactly what paved the way for stand-up comedy to be a profession.

Stand-up comedy in the recent past has given room for young adults to make a living out of talking about life, politics and the most basic issues in comical and humorous ways. You might just be visiting the local bar to have a drink or the restaurant next to your house to have dinner and-up comedy by Evam would always season your refreshments.

It’s a talent that was introduced into the world centuries ago in Greece, UK, India and USA. In ancient Indian history, there is a mention of court jesters who entertained the royal clan with their wit and humour.It’s not new to people. In India, in the past decade, the number of stand-up comedians has definitely risen with comics like S.A. Aravind, Karthik Kumar, Kenny Sebastian, Kanan Gill, Kapil Sharma, Adithi Mittal and many more, who encashed on people’s laughter and made it their livelihood.

They travel around the globe to entertain people and make them feel closer to home. I spent my teenage life binge-watching ‘Chai Time with Kenny’, ‘North Indians vs. South Indians’ and ‘Madrasi Da’ and nothing has changed with me turning 18 this year. I saw a couple of my own friends and seniors looking out for internships at comedy clubs, eager to work with the established ones in the field. This is the change in trend.

The basic qualifications needed for this art are knowledge about the current political and social scenario, presence of mind, observatory skills, sportive attitude, communication skills combined with wit and the ‘gift of the gab’. They should be able to convey varied information coherently and convincingly. The audience’s applause is the performer’s delight.

Everybody wants to wind up their day with a light heart and a smile on their face. It is an added responsibility on the speaker to not just lighten their burden but also enlighten them. The verbal expression of the speaker doubly impacts the keen listener.They don’t just laugh and walk away. They carry a message with them.Kenny taught me about mothers loving Chai. Alex taught me some Carnatic Music. Kanan Gill taught me how parents look forward to share memories. And they all continue to share it in their hilarious way.





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