Nithu Rubha Rani J, English 2nd year
-Compiled by Samyuktha Shiva, English 2nd year

I had just finished my 10th boards and I had absolutely no idea what to do with my time. That’s when my childhood best friend, Rumaana, and I decided that we should sign up for baking classes. What was a chance decision then, in retrospect, has given me so much.

We loved the baking classes. Once the course was done, we started competing with each other; baking cakes and making ice creams or waffles. We’d always contribute to family get-togethers and birthday parties. During special occasions we’d make a batch of 100 cupcakes or ice creams and go over to orphanages.

It didn’t take us long to discover that we’d be a pretty great duo if we put together Rumaana’s ice-cream making and my baking skills.
We then decided to launch our very own brand -SCOOPY-DOO, which undertakes cake and ice cream orders.

From day one, we were very particular about  how we make our products; we would make ice cream with absolutely zero preservatives and bake our cakes with a lot of love and positivity.
From then on, we’d bake every day; try a hundred different flavours, new and old. After trying and testing we finally decided the flavours we’d go with and the final menu.

Today, some of our bestsellers are the classic Butterscotch and of course, Red Velvet.  We have also added Arabian desserts and puddings to menu, and as the summer approaches we are planning to start experimenting again and try more flavours.
Baking has become more than just a passion for us now. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it; it brings me so much joy. Whenever I’m mad or upset about something, I just pick up the whisk and it whisks away all my troubles. Trust me; it’s a very satisfying feeling.

Rumaana on the other hand, is a very special person. She isn’t just my friend; she’s my teacher and my inspiration. We’re from Erode, and usually the Muslim girls there, or at least the ones I know, don’t step out of the house much or interact with too many people other than their close family members. Rumaana, however, has always been very spirited and has been taking big steps such as the one she has taken with Scoopy Doo. Her cousins have also been of great help to us. They run a hotel named The Biryani Hut back in Erode and they helped us base our company, as well as sell our baked goods and ice cream there.

Today we get orders via Biryani Hut, friends and family. We dream to make it bigger though, for we believe the sky is the limit for Scoopy Doo. After all, we love what we do, and nothing will change that, or stop us from doing it.



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