Stellaeidoscope’s December issue is centred around the theme – Comedy, but covers a variety of other topics as well. The internet is currently flooded with memes and one liners, and cafés and pubs are now the hub for upcoming stand up artists to try their new material. Stand up has quickly gained popularity in India, there is a constant influx of new talent, new material and the audience is embracing it with open arms. The YouTube community has its own share of contributors, the big names Liza Koshy and Shane Dawson apart, smaller YouTubers like Benito Skitter, Alex Meyes and Becke Griggs are making viewers’ heads turn.

Apart from comedy, we have a review on the much-awaited sequel to ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’, a movie that, before its release created a mammoth amount of buzz for its (to put it lightly) peculiar casting, and after, for its lack of, well, a storyline.Also finding a place in our issue this month is a review on a newly opened Library Café, ‘Bookworm’s Library’.

The memes, videos and comedy specials provide a much-needed respite from the dark place that the internet can be and urge us to loosen up and maybe even cry of laughter.

Cheers, and happy reading!

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