What is the one thing that unites millions of strangers over the internet? It is not just mind numbing anger over a certain politician and his policies but also love for a certain celebrity, piece of art, literature, music and the list goes on. People who live in opposite parts of the world become familiar acquaintances when they realise that they have similar tastes in music, books and what not. Fandoms can be found in almost every corner of the internet; ‘stanning’ their favourite celebrities, writing fanfiction about two arch rivals falling in love and drawing fanart of their favourite celebrities hoping to be acknowledged. Since Stellaeidoscope’s members bond extensively over fandoms and the WhatsApp group’s messages usually blow up with fan theories, we decided to dedicate an entire issue celebrating fans and fandoms. Whether you created fake accounts to ensure that a certain YouTuber remains undefeated in his subscriber count or are confused about not belonging to any fandom, Stellaeidoscope has a place for you.

Apart from fandoms, this issue also looks at important events that happened during October – the Sabarimala verdict, International Coming Out Day and India’s very own #MeToo movement. Sometimes events that take place around us destroy the last remaining shred of faith in humanity; like the never ending sexual harassment accusations against powerful men in India and Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment as the United States’ Supreme Court judge. But we can always find solace in a world that we have created for ourselves in the form of websites and web pages run solely to analyse certain books, movies, TV series and come up with things that even the writer wouldn’t have thought of. This world will take us in its arms and comfort us when we are tired of the world that we live in and want to escape to a place where imaginations run wild. After all, a little getaway never hurt anyone!

Happy reading!


Team Stellaeidoscope.


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