#3 Sindh and Sindhis

Madhuri Lalwani, II B.A English


when my great grandfather
was asked to leave Sindh,
he said “this is my homeland”
they asked him if he was a Hindu or a Muslim
i am “a Sindhi”
and although the very territory
marked his belongingness
it meant nothing compared to religion
he was forced to choose between
India and Pakistan,
Hinduism and Islam,
fearing naked swords
having a family to protect
they fled to India
an abode to refugees then
and even after 72 years
it’s an abode that can never replace
every passing second
we’re alien to every land we step on
because it isn’t

that land with 47 million people
and no one recognizable
the borders changed everything
they parted us from a past
that haunts us
they parted us
as Sindh bled the night
India and Pakistan was born,
yet as i grew up
to memories of Sindh
as described by my grandfather
there’s a warmth i wished to feel
a Sindh i wished to see,
which he took away as he parted from us
like Sindh did from Sindhis.


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