Letters to the unsung # 3

– Krishna J. Nair , II Year, B.A English
– Image Source – Pinterest

Hey Elena,

Do you still believe that we are the reckless and we are the wild youth? Those were the first words I heard from you while shuffling through channels. I bumped into VH1 screening your song ‘Youth’ and I paused to catch the video of you singing alone in black and white. I told to myself, “what a beautiful voice.”

There began my journey, my pursuit to know more about you. I started by listening to all of your songs and your live performances. I smiled at how awkward you were while introducing yourself in live songs, how you barely opened your mouth when you said, “This is Daughter and we are going to sing ‘Shallows’. I also saw how every time you spoke, Igor (your bandmate) smiled and glanced at you. He looked very proud and I understood why after reading that he recognised your talent in a cafe and that you two set out in this amazing journey.

There have been bands who got carried away after their success, breaking the hearts of their worshippers. This is one of the reason why I am happy that you do not have an ever evolving fandom. You started off from a café, with meaningful songs. Now, you stand in front of a clueless crowd trying to find the meaning of life through your words and you give us the words we seek. Yet, we do not form a fandom. We do not wish to. I do not wish to, for I wish to see the transparent and honest Elena I discovered in VH1.

I am writing this because I saw a live performance video of yours today, singing ‘Shallows’. In the end, for the first time that I have seen, you cried on stage. You repeated the same line in the end over and over as though you were telling yourself something. You shed tears and then you slowly faded away from stage. It was a beautiful performance with a beautiful ensemble but it was heartbreaking to see a woman whom I have seen only smile during performances, cry. I hope you don’t disappear into the shallows. I hope you stay here with us, sing more and give us more hope for good music. I hope you give yourself the hope too and not leave us like the others did. Because Elena, every time someone leaves, it is us who hide in the shallows.


A reckless and wild person.

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