Toddlers = Best Teachers?

– Nikitha. U, II B.Com (General)

Image source : Huffington Post

Kids. ‘Oh, they’re adorable’, ‘They can be really hard to handle’, ‘They have so much to learn’. It’s amusing how we try to sum up their complexities in so many ways that make us feel like our superiority is safe and intact. What we don’t realize is that kids are always one step ahead; that they aren’t simple enough to be confined within our clichéd understanding of them. Kids are an enigma. Decoding them at times is next to impossible, but when we do try, we are left behind with something different and unforeseen. That something could be an unexplainable bout of affection, a completely new perspective or an answer to the questions we’ve been seeking our entire lives.

Take a minute to think about it. Would you ever laugh your heart out finding a little toy in the same place you found it the day before? And just be so happy and proud that everyone starts believing it’s a big deal? Most of us are probably so busy chasing a new life every day that we fail to appreciate what’s always been there for us, right where we want it. We forget that only if we give them the time and importance they deserve, will others know that said thing/person is something/someone that needs to be respected.

Ever noticed how kids question things we’ve known and accepted for as long as we can remember, and we are left to question if we actually ever knew them? And the only answer we can give them is ‘that’s just the way it is’, when, in fact, we know everything came about with a reason. As we get older, we make ourselves busy enough to assume that someone somewhere would’ve taken care of the what’s and the how’s. We want kids to learn, but what do we give them? Beliefs with no base, prejudiced acceptance, a forced need to fit in and a world that constantly tells them they’re wrong. So, when kids manage to break their way out of these and prove us wrong, the tables turn; we switch roles to become the ones that need to learn.

Kids teach us something with every little move. They teach us how beautiful a feeling it is to show and to be shown love without holding back. They show us that saying ‘No’ to something you aren’t comfortable with doesn’t need you to be physically stronger; that refusal isn’t rudeness, that age isn’t authority. But most of all, they teach us that just because you were crying minutes back and are smiling now like nothing happened does not mean you’re bipolar, a drama queen or an attention seeker; it only means that you have held on to that tiny little light somewhere and are too busy growing up and towards it to wait for others to allow you to be happy.


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