I Plan on Becoming a Teacher – Here’s Why

– Harshitha Satish, I B.A. Economics

Correcting shabbily written test papers, stepping into the noisiest classes, the stress to complete portions on-time, are some of the ‘difficult’ tasks that a teacher undertakes. I’m sure you and I are asking the same question as to why would anyone want to become a teacher. In retrospect, it struck me that without my kindergarten teacher, who introduced me to the letters of the English language, I would not be who I am today.

Ever teacher is a genius who dispels the darkness of ignorance. The historian taught me that wise men learn from others mistakes. The environmentalist taught me to enjoy nature in its pristine form through geography. The artist taught me the importance of creating an identity in the form of art, culture, music, tradition and dance. The activist taught me the freedom of expression in the form of debates in English class. The tutor in the sports room taught me that unity is strength through games like volleyball. The mathematician taught me the science of logic.

I want to be one of these heroes, behind the triumph of every individual. The stability of the tallest of buildings lies within the depths of its foundation. I would like to be that firm ground of support. I want to be that person who travels with you in the form of words, memories and values all the way up to the highest pinnacle of your victory and beyond. I want to be your teacher to celebrate your success as mine.


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