Fresher’s Talent Hunt

– Akchayaa R, III B.A. English

The Students’ Union hosted their first major event of the academic year (Fresher’s Talent Hunt) on the 14th of September. The theme of this year’s event was based on the games we all played as children, ranging from Mario Kart to Checkers. The event was flagged off by the Principal, Sr. Rosy Joseph f.m.m in the OAT at 10:00 a.m. in the morning.

The first-year students of both UG and PG were divided into teams of six. The teams were named after popular board games like Pictionary and Ludo. Each team was given a colour and was asked to dress accordingly. There were a total of five on stage events and 11 off stage events. Every person could participate in one on stage and two off stage events. Apart from the various events, there was music by DJ Gautham which kept the students grooving.

The event ended at around 3:00 p.m. and the winners and the runners were decided based on their performances in the various events and the jackpot. The winning teams were Twister Terrors, followed by Checker Champions and Pictionary Patriots. This event provided a platform for the first-year students to interact with people from other departments, organise themselves into teams and discover their talents.


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