Finish Line

– Anahita Teresa Paul, I Visual Arts

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Diana, your electricity
Is a synth-pop symphony.
I’ll never forget the way
Your eyes gleamed and screamed
When they hurled at you their misery

Diana, you asked me one day
If I’d cry if you died,
If I’d remember your face.
I remember that day,
Because I didn’t know what to say.

Diana, why do you call yourself Die-Ana
When you’re really just Ana?
Why do you want to go away
Why do you indulge in their games?
Please can you stay-
Let’s do a little role play.

What’s your mother going to do,
When she sees your lifeless body?
What’s your father going to say,
When he pays the coroner five and twenty?
How am I going to feel,
Knowing I could’ve helped you breathe?

Ana, let me tell you today:
I will never forget your face
But I’m never going to cry,
Because you and I
We’re going to live a lush life,
Let’s make it to the finish line.


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