In the busy month of September, where students are barely finding time to breathe between the endless third components, last minute classes and fast approaching deadlines, there are always a few people who help us keep our cool and mentor us so that we do not lose our minds during this crazy time of the year. They are the heroes without capes and superpowers and yet manage to work magic almost all the time. In line with the Teachers Day and just celebrating the wonderful people whose patience levels leave us spellbound, Stellaeidoscope decided to have its September issue dedicated to teachers.

This issue tries to focus on unconventional teachers apart from bespectacled ones beside a blackboard – a child, a homeless person, a musician you turned to during a difficult time. Every nook and cranny has a lesson we can take home and it is important as adults to acknowledge this fact and be open to learning something new every day. September 10 is the World Suicide Prevention Day and this issue tries to highlight how every person deserves a second chance at life. But the icing on the cake; the event that stole the limelight from everything that happened this month is the decriminalisation of Section 377. This is a humungous victory for the LGBTQ+ community in India and though the community has a long way to go, this judgement is a baby step towards equality and restoring the common people’s faith in the country’s judiciary system.

Whether it was the Supreme Court who, in their statement about scrapping Section 377 taught us to be kind and supporting, or a senior at college helping us with grammar, we know that there’s never a dearth of resources to learn from, and that learning doesn’t always pertain to the four walls of a classroom! Happy reading!

Team Stellaeidoscope


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