Anime Comes to Chennai

-N. Pushpamithra, II B.A. English
-G. Anjali, II B.V.A Fine Arts

Image credits : N. Pushpamithra, II B.A. English

The three-day anime convention hosted by Phoenix Marketcity Velachery was unveiled on the 14th of September.

DAY 1:
The anime convention was kick started with an origami workshop which grabbed the attention of not only the anime fans in the mall but also the passersby. The second event raised the excitement to another level with the manga designing contest. Contestants were asked to design a character based on Indian culture and folklore. The most heated event of the day was the Ramen eating contest which had 5 rounds.

DAY 2:
The day started off with a mock Japanese tea ceremony demo. The AMV (Anime Movie Video) contest had all the anime fans in the vicinity jumping and cheering. Next was the anime voice acting workshop for people aspiring to train their vocal chords and talk like anime characters. It was a short and sweet session conducted by one of the famous cosplayers present for the occasion. The workshop was followed by a surprise anime quiz which focused not only on mainstream anime but also on desi anime and manga. The day was wrapped up with the DJ meet and greet with famous anime songs to dance to, karaoke and some events hosted by the cosplayers.

DAY 3:
The final day of the anime con had the most people. The calligraphy workshop conducted by the Japan foundation was a hit among the kids. The treasure hunt event which was held throughout the mall had the contestants running and gasping for air in search of clues. The convention was then wrapped up with the most awaited cosplay competition and some fun performances by the cosplayers who were invited.

An ardent anime lover when interviewed said, “I thought that I’d be one of the few people who’d come; seeing this many people is astonishing! I’m very shy so I haven’t been able to talk to a lot of people but I have met some people who I think I’d get along with. I think these types of events also help promote and develop the community as well.”

The variety of the events surprised us as it wasn’t just focused on anime and cosplay but also on other manga and light novels which aren’t often seen in anime cons. Though the maid café was a little disappointing since they neither had any maids nor the classic maid-café menu, the collection of manga and merchandise at the manga lounge was enough to satisfy us. The merchandise stalls were not only expensive but too mainstream. This can however be justified as non-mainstream merchandise aren’t as accessible as the mainstream ones.


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