Remembering Old Gadgets

Image Source : Google image
– Dharshini Raghavan, II B.Sc Chemistry

Throwback would be incomplete without reminiscing about the gadgets and gizmos we all had as kids. Our whole life revolved around these machines and we could go nowhere without one. Life was simple back then. Even hand-me-down gadgets did not dampen our spirits and they always looked new.

To start off our trip down the memory lane, we have telephones and mobile phones. Needless to say, telecommunication technology has evolved quickly over time. Rotary dials were replaced by cordless telephones in the 1990s; Nokia and Blackberry phones came into existence and were later replaced by costly Android smart phones with fancy touch screens and abysmal battery lives.

The next gadget on our list is a video game console. Home video game consoles were amazing. One can remember endless hours spent playing games like Dave, Contra, Donkey Kong, Circus Charlie, Mario, 1942 and Bomberman using joysticks. All we needed was a television set and a never-ending enthusiasm to set high scores. We never really cared about the quality of the video game graphics. We just wanted to play. Few years later, hand-held consoles came into action. Brick game consoles, Nintendo and PlayStation Portable devices were all the rage in the market. To this day, people go crazy over hand-held gaming consoles.

Finally, we have the all-too-familiar Sony Walkman. Every household had one and the way we listened to music changed forever. Portable music on-the-go became a reality and the gadget being compact and handy made it was easy to carry around and revolutionised music playing technology. Later on, Apple came up with iPod shuffle and iPod nano and the size of music players reduced significantly.

Old and familiar gadgets are becoming obsolete and are getting replaced with attractive new ones. What makes the whole technological evolution hard to accept is the fact that a part of our childhood is also becoming obsolete and all we can do is just watch as it vanishes into oblivion.


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