Interviewing the Union

– Grace Roshini , I B.Com
– Varishika, I B.Com

As the academic year kicks in, the Students Union is bracing for a fantastic year ahead. Despite their hectic schedule, they allotted a couple of minutes to answer our questions.

  • Why did you choose to take up responsibility and become a union member and who inspired you?

Nora: Ever since the first day, I have always wanted to be involved in college as much as I can. In the first year, I was the class rep and in the second year, I was the secretary of the Western Music Club. So I realised that in the third year, I could be a part of the Union with all that I had learnt in the past two years.

Delna: I wanted to see how it works but honestly I want to become a teacher and I feel like one must be able to lead to be a teacher.

Lynda: The first thing that made me want to be a part of the Union is the realisation that sitting around and waiting isn’t going to change anything. The previous Union was a major part of the process. They have mentored us in so many ways and we can’t thank them enough for that. Plus, the kind of support I got from my closest friend is how I ultimately managed to achieve it. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.

Swathi: For me, being a leader is important because I want to help people around me to work better and hopefully, inspire them to be leaders as well. Each day is different and I look forward to something new happening every day, be it good or bad and that itself is an adventure for me.

Rita: I try my best to reach out to people and being a leader is one way of doing that. My earlier experiences in school and other social groups as a team leader gave me the confidence to be a part of the Union.

Ayesha: First of all, I would say it is God’s plan and I am very grateful to the Lord Almighty for giving me an opportunity to be a leader. Family and friends also played an important role. Even as a child, I’ve been encouraged to help others, and to take up leadership roles or opportunities. Being a captain at school also gave me the confidence to take up this post


2) What kind of image do you have about yourself and what do you want others to have about you?

Nora: Currently, I think I am someone who is learning but not yet fully formed as an individual and I would like to be remembered as someone who is loyal, accountable, straight forward and dependable.

Delna: I want to be remembered as someone who is always hyper-active, cheerful and sweet.

Lynda:  The way I look at myself before and after becoming part of the union is completely different. I see myself doing all the things which I thought I couldn’t;  things which I previously held back from because of doubts. I’d love for everyone to see me as one of them- just another Stella Marian who grabbed this amazing opportunity offered to her and is trying to make the best of it while discovering a whole new side of her in the process.

Swathi: For me, self-confidence and self-respect are things one should never compromise on. I think they walk hand in hand. I want people around me to also be the same way because I want to influence them to think along the same lines.

Rita: I consider myself an empathetic and a positive person and would like to be remembered as a Good Samaritan.

Ayesha: I am a friendly and a cheerful person who does not like any negative emotions.  Yeah, I just am a happy person. I want to stay grounded no matter how many feathers are added to my cap.





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