As the nation geared up to celebrate its 72nd Independence day and Stella Maris to celebrate its 72nd birthday, the students found themselves without a moment to spare with the Continuous Assessments and making hurried (sometimes secret) phone calls to determine if yet another Wednesday would be declared a holiday.  The passing away of regional and national political patriarchs and the devastating floods that almost submerged Kerala shifted the focus from freedom and friendship; the conventional themes associated with August.

Since breaking conventions seemed to be the trend this month, our team followed suit and chose ‘Throwback’ as this issue’s theme. Throwback can mean different things to different people – from poems on a community that was driven out of their homeland during Partition to parents’ and grandparents’ love stories. In a way, reminiscing about the freedom struggle and beaming at the achievements of deceased leaders is also a throw back to a time when national identity wasn’t associated with beating up fellow citizens for eating beef or standing up for the national anthem and this month’s issue tries to bring to light what throwback means to people who have been around for only twenty odd years.

A new feature we have introduced in this issue is ‘Stella in Pixels’ which is a series of photographs that captures the essence of what Stella Maris is and tries to look at the College from the lens of a student.  That being said, we hope this issue makes you nostalgic about a time when internal tests and barely making it to classes before the teacher refuses attendance didn’t exist. Happy reading!


Team Stellaeidoscope.


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