News in Bite Size

– Revathy, II B.A English Literature
– R.Swetha, II B.A English Literature

1. 1 July 2018 marked one year of GST in India. The Goods and Services Tax was initially defamed for its indiscriminate tax rates on essential goods but on the first anniversary of GST, the government has decided to cut down tax rate on 88 items including sanitary napkins, footwear etc.

2. India and Israel signed a pact that allows co-operation in 7 key fields of space, technology, agriculture, water conservation etc. The heads of the state signed an agreement on ‘strategic partnership in water and agriculture’. The pact also decided that the ISRO and the Israel Space Agency will work together for the development and control of small satellites benefiting both the nations.

3. The G20 Nations met in Germany for their 12th annual meeting on July 7 and 8 2018. The agenda of this year’s meeting was based on strengthening multilateral co-operation among G20 Nations. Seven forums under G20 conducted all nation meetings to discuss developmental strategies in the field of agriculture, digital development, terrorism, market regulation etc.

4 .The Pride month came out with a positive decision for those demanding decriminalization of consensual sex. The Supreme Court reviewed Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalizes homosexuality. On hearing a plea submitted by IIT students, a bench under justice Deepak Misra gave a verdict on the chances of liberalising the legal provision stating its contradictions with the fundamental rights of its citizens. The bench reserved its verdict on reconsidering the constitutional validity of the law. The LGBTQ community in India welcomed the decision as this might help legalise their rights.

5. 15 July 2018, witnessed the final match of the FIFA football world cup between Croatia and France. France emerged as the title winner beating Croatia 4 for 2. This world cup tournament was famous for the fall of teams with huge fan bases like Brazil, Argentina and Spain who were knocked out even before the final rounds. The Croatian team was applauded for their struggle and hard work to reach the finals.

6. Heavy rains lashed in several parts of the country with the onset of monsoon. Kerala and Karnataka experienced heavy rains and flooding. Delhi NCR and Mumbai were nearly submerged in the downpour.


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