It is that time of the year when the entire College is in full hustle – submitting assignments, finishing up third components, running away from vicious crows, and a plethora of other conventional ‘Stella Maris’ activities that one can never escape from. However, amongst this bustle, a few enthusiastic, extremely talented and a little dark (sometimes) group of writers, illustrators and photographers found the time to put together Stellaeidoscope’s very first issue for 2018.

In lieu with the Pride month celebrations in June and appeals to strike down the draconian Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, this month’s issue celebrates Pride and the right to love anybody without any inhibitions. From the controversial Green Corridor Project to France’s long awaited win in the FIFA tournament, this issue has it all.

This year, we have introduced News in Bite Size, which simplifies and summarises major events that happened during the month, keeping in mind the majority who do not find the time to read the newspaper for breakfast. We also hope to make the comic strip a regular feature, this year.

That being said, we thank our wonderful team for helping our ideas materialise into tangible work and our faculty advisor Ms. Ishleen for her patience and constant support. To our dear readers, we hope you will stay with us throughout this journey and motivate us to do our best. Happy reading!

Team Stellaeidoscope

Akchayaa (Editor in Chief)
A dreamy person who can be found lurking around in bookstores or any place with animals. When she is not lost between the lines or making terrible jokes, you can find her debating who will end up on the Iron Throne.

Divya Mahesh (Assistant Editor)
She enjoys reading and constantly expresses herself through art and poetry. Home to her is numbers and rock music.

Samyuktha Shiva (Secretary, Shift 1)
An ardent animal person who surprisingly doesn’t shy away from human interaction. Apart from dogs, she loves literature and music.

Nevdetha Swami (Secretary, Shift 2)
A voracious reader, avid writer, K-popper, Potterhead are some keywords that define her. You can usually find her nose buried in a book if she is not belting out Korean music.


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