Wimbledon — The Most Prestigious Grand Slam of Them All

-Gayatri Vasudevan, I M.A. English

-Dharshini Raghavan, II B.Sc. Chemistry

Image source: si.com


The return was majestic, Djoker. It’s been too long.

Wimbledon 2018 celebrated the return of one of its oldest friends, Novak Djokovic.On June 15th, he bagged his 4th Wimbledon title. It was clearly a very rough road, but the veteran of Wimbledon reclaimed his place on the top.
“For the first time in my life, I have someone screaming daddy, daddy!” exclaimed the 31-year Serbian, looking at his son seated amidst the audience. The five-year-old Stefan stole the show, delighted upon seeing his face in one of the huge screens in the stadium, paying little or no heed as his father waved at him.

Even in Stella, all the Nole fans expressed tremendous enthusiasm about the win. “Before Wimbledon, Djokovic constantly doubted himself and was extremely demotivated. He needed this win and whollydeserves it,” said Manisha Arunkumar, a second-year B.Sc Chemistry student, and added, “it was only after his quarterfinals match against Nishikori when I realised that Djokovic was in his best shape and can actually win the tournament.”

The 12 time Grand Slam champion, however, experienced an easy victory against Kevin Anderson in the finals. Anderson, the giant that no one saw coming became one of the freshmen to enter the grand slam finals, creating a history in Wimbledon itself. The South African took everyone by shock in defeating the top-seeded Roger Federer at the quarterfinals.


There were many doubts in the past years on Rafael Nadal’s survival in the turf. But with an unwavering belief, Wimbledon 2018 witnessed him as one of the four men standing, after a long wait—seven years to be exact. Pulling off a brilliant show of strength and perseverance against Del Potro in the quarterfinals, the match displayed a brilliant sportsmanship and friendship despite the gritting competition between the two superpowers of tennis.


Relentless and tough, Angelique Kerber displayed a 6-3, 6-3 victory against the powerful Serena Williams in the Women’s Singles Final. The German won her first Wimbledon and is on her way to dominating tennis. Meanwhile, the 36-year-old Williams, who had her first child, Olympia, last September expressed, “I’m literally just getting started.” In her fourth tournament back, she has already displayed tremendous power with the racket. So, watch out for Williams at the US open!


However, several fans felt that the Wimbledon 2018 Men’s Singles Final was disappointing and one-sided. Here’s why:
1. After a shocking victory over Roger Federer in the quarterfinals, and an equally nerve-wracking semifinal victory over John Isner, Kevin Anderson was the new beacon of hope for his countrymen. He became the first South African tennis player in 33 years, to reach a Wimbledon final.
2. The finale is always expected to be dramatic and tough, but that was not the case, as it ended up becoming a straight-set victory for Djokovic. Anderson looked completely out of sorts during the final, hinting one of the reasons as his 6 hours 36 minutes semifinals against Isner— one of the longest men’s singles matches at Wimbledon.
3. Wimbledon is yet another major tournament that does not allow tiebreakers in the final set for singles. The tournament, known for its century-old traditions has come under fire for its atrocious rules and understandably so; such rules make or break a player’s game.





Did you know?

1. 2010 witnessed the longest match ever played at Wimbledon between John Isner of the United States and Nicolas Mahut of France. The match lasted eleven hours and five minutes and was played over the course of three days, with Isner emerging as the winner. (source: cab.ca)

2. A Harris hawk called Rufus is set to fly across the courts each morning during the Championship to deter local pigeons. Rufus is one of Britain’s best know birds with 10.5K followers on Twitter! (londonist.com)

3. The choice of grass for the Wimbledon courts have been changing over years, but for almost a decade now, ryegrass has been preferred. Ryegrass has greater longevity and can withstand wear and tear. (wimbledon.com)

4. Wimbledon has age old traditions. When it comes to dress code, the officials are very strict. Players have to dress in white as coloured clothes can reveal sweat spots, which is considered inappropriate. (express.co.uk)




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