Eyeballs on the Football!

-Harshitha Satish, I B.A. Economics

Image source : Google

The FIFA world cup this year was definitely a ‘cup to remember’! The month long crazy celebration of the beautiful game ended with the French team embracing the trophy.

On 16 July 2018, the lights at the Luzhiniki Stadium, Russia, stayed on long after the French and Croatian players disappeared into the tunnel and their fans, some dejected, some elated, went back home. Indians too had to catch their flights, trains, and buses out of the FIFA world, both physically and mentally.

In search of salvation, Hugo Lloris (caption of the French team) lived eight long years under the shadow of ignominy. The illuminated Luzhniki looked magical in the rain and provided Lloris and France redemption, bringing the curtain down on a dark chapter of his career.

In addition to style and strategy, this year, FIFA officially approved the use of Video Assisted Referee (VAR).With VAR, there would have been no Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’.

From the horror of 2010 to the joy of 2018, the French had finally lifted the world cup; while the Indian fans were experiencing ‘match lags’ due to sleepless nights at home. With shouts, laughter, disappointments, and happiness, from the first few matches, to the quarters, semis and the final, the World Cup has taken all of us on a lovely adventure before taking a break for the next four years!


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