Call Them By The Way They Change Your Perspective

-Anahita Teresa Paul , I Visual Arts

When Caitlyn Jenner transitioned, I was 14 and as educated on the transgender subject as a coconut; leave it to the Kardashians to make their business your business. In a few days I went from a know-nothing to a know it all and yet, I still didn’t really understand the issue at hand.

A year later two important LGBT movies got some Oscar buzz:‘Carol’ and ‘The Danish Girl’. All it took was a rave review from a friend of my mother, who up until that moment was dead set against watching said movies, to park herself and me in front of ‘The Danish Girl’. I won’t lie, parts of it made me feel awkward, especially with my 41-year-old mother next to me. However, at the end of it we were suddenly more empathetic to the struggle of the transgender community; perhaps, one could say, more human.

The transgender rights movement was no longer a reality show drama to me, it was an issue that needed more support and ‘The Danish Girl’ made that difference for me and countless others. Somehow, Eddie Redmayne crying in a dress made more of an impact than a black and white article written by an uninterested journalist on commission.

It’s amazing how it’s been only two decades since movies were made to create dialogues for the benefit of the community but the impact they’ve made is HUGE. From ‘The Brokeback Mountain effect’ to‘Moonlight’, it’s clear that movie bigwigs and critics alike appreciate this effort by the industry thus enabling producers and creators to give us masterpieces like ‘Call Me By Your Name’, ‘Disobedience’ and ‘A Fantastic Woman’ which serve as educators and silent revolutionaries awakening us to a radical future.


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