Till We Meet Again

-Krishna J Nair, I Year B.A. English

When people usually talk about farewells, they talk about it in the hope that there will be a reunion soon. Yet, there is one kind of farewell where the possibility of a reunion is very weak, unless you strongly believe in the afterlife and believe that you’ll meet the person when you reach that point as well. That kind of farewell is one of the best kinds, the one we all call as death.

Yes, the D word. Most of us are afraid of it, most of us worship it and some of us respect it and find it beautiful. I belong to the third category and this is one reason why I find death to be something that isn’t sad, but simply something that lurks around our shoulders every day, respecting our lives till one day it stops doing so and takes us in its hands. With beautiful deaths come beautiful responsibilities.

With death comes memories; something that people find sad. We stop doing certain things because we get reminded of the person who bid farewell to us. The words of a song will have a different meaning, you won’t be able to walk on a street you crossed everyday anymore, you skip certain pages of a book because they remind you of the person who has left you. Every bit of everything will be, in one way or another, connected to another person you’ve lost, and you’d wish for that person to be right there next to you so you don’t have to savour the moment, or, to be more honest, deny those moments anymore.

People affect our life. They leave a mark with a gesture, word, sound, touch, smell, presence. You name it, you’ll find a connection to that person; and that ought to pull you down. But the real question is, why should it pull you down? Why don’t you let it uplift you?

Don’t skip the song because it reminds you of that person. Listen to it and think of all the beautiful moments you had. Walk on the street again and count the number of steps you had taken before the person left and enjoy the big number. Read those pages again and again till you memorise every line so that the person becomes a part of you.

Death shouldn’t always be sad. It could be happy because it leaves you with a lot of memories that will never die. Those feelings they left behind will continue to live through you. And if you are optimistic enough, there is an afterlife waiting for you where you will reunite again with the person you lost; never to say farewell again.


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