In Memoriam

-Maanasi Lakshman, I Year B.A. History and Tourism

In this world of infinite choices, people often choose to go towards negativity, despair and doubts. This isn’t the question of seeing your glass half full or empty, this is real; raw life. There are people who willingly decide to see the wrong and always oversee the right.

At times of human calamity and utter despair that the world has witnessed, where people were at their emotional worst, there have been some people who emerged as icons of happiness. They came in as a symbol and epitome of love, laughter, joy and a source of hope for everyone around them, in such a way that happiness could prevail, even if it lasted only for a second. It just takes one to notice it.

Charlie Chaplin is a comedian known to have spread deep messages, without words. At the time of World War II, Charlie made films in which he mimed in, showing themes of poverty, starvation and deprivation through a funny spectacle. When all of humanity was losing hope, he made reality sound not so bad. His work in ‘Gold Rush’ and ‘Modern Times’, set himself apart from other slapstick comedians- majorly because he connected with his audience. He evoked an array of emotions through his work. He defined an artist as someone who connected with the people and showed them reality through a different perspective- a much happier one. Charlie died due to a stroke, leaving behind millions of fans who fell in love with his work that made them feel happy. He left happiness and laughter for generations to come with his work.

Another humble human who left the planet too soon was the comedian and actor Robin Williams. He has contributed to the film industry with riveting works like ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’, ‘Dreams May Come True’, ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’, ‘Dead Poets’ Society’ and many more. His work was a fusion of comedy, powerful messages, deep thoughts and light-hearted slices of life in his movies. He conveyed important issues with an ease that was so natural to him. The favourite of millions, he put a smile on a heterogeneous audience with movies like ‘Patch Adams’ and ‘Old Dogs.’ He was a man with a heart of gold; he was an active campaigner for the rights of the disabled, was a down to earth and a humble man. Yet, he bid us goodbye telling us how important mental health is and was. He put on a smile for everyone and went away without a word. In the 64 years Robin Williams lived on earth, he definitely left a legacy behind for humanity to look on. Hollywood and the rest of the artists around the world will definitely remember him as a legend, and for the common population, Williams could be titled as the “Man Behind Many Million Smiles”.

The man who made us all dance and sing along with him, the king of music, Michael Jackson, too, was a man who spread happiness all around and bid us adieu too soon.

Michael Jackson had a tough childhood – facing child abuse and discrimination for being black. But as he preached, ‘In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope’, he made music that touched millions of lives. He was a brilliant musician and an incredible dancer. His lyrics were meaningful and people found solace in it. Michael Jackson, all his life, unfurled joy to everyone around him.  Fans always mentioned how they never felt distanced from him, which clearly meant how deeply he connected with them. Michael gave his entire life to the world through his love, his music and his devotion to healing the planet. His work left hope for people.

The men mentioned here were just as ordinary as we are. They experienced life and its struggles just as much as we do, but they chose to make their lives much more than that. They switched their sadness into laughter and created magic through work. They left us with happiness that will live on forever, and for that, and much more, they will be remembered till the end of time.


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