Humans Of Stella

-Samyuktha Shiva, I Year B.A. English
Image Credits: Krishna J Nair, I Year B.A. English

Krishnan sir

DTP centre

“I was born in one of the most beautiful cities in Kerala: Palakkad.

The best times I had there were definitely in school and junior college. I remember all the fun we had, the pranks we pulled, and laughing for hours on end. I was a pretty good student in junior college but, after a point, I realized photography was my calling.

So I made a decision then, and applied to various film institutes, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect because my dad had just decided to shift to Chennai to work on his Timber business and eventually open a theatre there as well. So I grew more interested in photography and cinema. I spent all my time watching films, but for me it wasn’t ‘entertainment’, it was work. As I watched each film, I’d observe the finer details, the technicalities, all the angles, the long shots, the close ups. I looked at cinema through the eyes of an aspiring camera man and photographer.

But then I got a reality check. Making it in the big talented world of Cinema isn’t easy. It’s hard. One needs a lot of talent, determination, and most of all: luck. I then focused more on just photography; I started doing wedding photography, photography for ‘kacheris’, and even for plays being put up on stage. To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I started to really like my job.

Soon, I worked a lot more, and people even started sending in requests to print my photographs very often, and because of that I eventually became well informed about printing, xerox, and everything else that I handle right now.

It all changed in the year 2000 though.

I was in a two-wheeler accident, and sustained severe injuries, especially to my legs, that resulted in me needing bed rest for about as long as a year.

When I got back to work, I realized I couldn’t handle or carry the heavy equipment that would be needed for photography.

I then made a decision and opened a DTP store. Cut to a few years, and here I am in your college: Stella Maris, running a DTP centre. I’m content here and I absolutely wouldn’t change a thing.”


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