Horizon 2018

-Riya Nagendra, I Year B.A. English

As the rhythm of the music thumped in time with our heartbeats, Horizon 2018, organised by the Students Union as the Club day, was held on 24th February, 2018. Several clubs came forth with their enthralling performances and showcased their talents.

It started off with a bang with performances by the various clubs – from the Classical Dance Club with their perfectly coordinated movements, to the Western Music Club whose voices were perfectly in sync as they sang a medley of popular songs, to the Western Dance Club who combined their dancing with a social message, the clubs captured the students with their talents. In between the club presentations, were enthralling guest appearances by Shravan Sridhar, a well-known Chennai-based violinist, and High Kicks, a contemporary dance group who performed a powerful and empowering piece.

As the on-stage programs got over, the students dispersed to attend the workshops organised by the different clubs, ranging from menstrual hygiene to debating and creative writing, to even Zumba workshops, the clubs organised it all for the students of Stella Maris College. Eminent people from various fields were called to conduct these workshops for the eager students. Meanwhile, the smell of freshly made bajjis, shawarmas and noodles wafted through the air for those seeking to satisfy their hunger.

Horizon 2018 truly quenched everyone’s thirst for knowledge and satisfied their ravenous hunger.


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