-Pushpamithra N, I Year B.A. English
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Discord refers to a disagreement between two people or it could be the lack of harmony between the notes sounding together (acc. To dictionary.com). But no! This article isn’t about that. It’s about Discord – the app! Discord with a capital ‘D’. Now you may wonder what this app is for. Quite contrary to its name, it is actually a chatting app, much like WhatsApp.


Discord is an application designed for the gaming community. Although now it is being used by various fandoms, it was for gamers to meet others who play games and co-ordinate with them when it was initially released in 2015. Quite a new app, isn’t it? It isn’t well known in our college but there are 90 million users as of December 2017!


So how is it better than our other social media applications? Well, as a person who only uses Instagram and WhatsApp other than Discord, I can’t say much but I can give a comparison between these. It has many similar features like DM and groups, which still have certain limits. In this case, servers exist! Servers are bigger groups with better facilities like channels, bots, etc. Channels are pages were you can post stuff and chat with others, and bots are like robots that can literally do almost anything – listening to music, watching YouTube videos, looking up definitions, sending GIFs to others, searching the net, anything.


Pretty convenient right? You can voice call and video call in WhatsApp? That’s nothing! You can group voice and video call in Discord (who wants to pay for Skype?) and the quality is great! And as a bonus feature, you get really cute emojis that are perfect for any situation! A warning though, as it is in any social media, people have usernames and don’t use their IRL photos as profile pictures, so be careful of whom you chat with. One feature people may miss is that people cannot post things ‘globally’. Only the people in your group or server can view it. This may be an advantage or disadvantage. Users of Discord find it very comfortable to use it over other social media networks. Overall, discord is a fun app to use – it has its advantages and disadvantages, but it depends entirely on the person who uses it.


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