Are We Dead?

-Krishna J Nair, I Year B.A. English

“Good morning!”
“Good morning!”
“How are you?”
“I am fine, thank you!”
“I am good, what about you?”
“Couldn’t be better. What a day.”
Automated message, do not respond.
Cause hey, this was how we all were raised.
Don’t slouch, walk straight.
Aim high, never settle.
Sadness? Pretend to be happy.
Smile, laugh, make jokes.
Drain until all that lasts in you
Is the lump in your head
Driving you to insanity
Like a good chauffeur.
The night oil is burning out
The sparks are flying away
There is a glow in your eyes
Is that what they call ‘life’?

“Good morning!”
No response.
“How are you?”
No response.
All systems down.
No glow in the eye.
No sparks flying.
Cause of death:
Being alive.


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