Tête-à-Tête With A DIY Artist

-Nevedetha Swaminathan, II Year B.Com (A&F)

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is the currently trending buzzword among teens, young adults and many older people. As the name suggests, it involves creating new items by yourself, which are often used for decorative purposes. A unique way of expressing your creativity, DIYs are usually made either by using reusable items or by purchasing materials.

Some people like making DIYs and offering them for sale, while the others simply want to work on their creativity, even if it is to relieve their stress. One such person is 19-year-old Vallari Sharma from Noida, who is the proud creator of various decorations and ornaments around her house. Eager to share her passion, she answered a few questions on childhood, her 10-o-clock disease and many more.

 What inspired you to make these DIY items that seem to be different from the rest?

As a child, I remember doing arts and crafts in school. Once, I remember building an entire city just out of waste materials. It was adored by all my teachers and classmates. But my inspiration came about in a very different manner. There were times in my life when I used to feel low and felt that I needed to make something useful out of myself. That is when I started cutting paper, making new shapes and hanging them around my room.

I’m not good at drawing, but I wanted to do something creative, something that would help me relax and at the same time help me have fun while doing them. And so, every night at 10 pm on the dot, I would drop everything I was doing and started making DIY items. My parents called it ‘The 10-o’-clock disease’!

How long have you been making these crafts?

I’ve been making them since I was in the 8th grade. I’m 19 now, so that’s 7 years.

What materials do you use for your DIYs?

Mostly, I make use of items that are inside my house, but are not being used anymore – paper, old wooden parts from furniture, key rings, clothes, etc. I felt that these items would eventually go to waste if they were not going to be used anymore. So these old items, transformed into various different ones, finally land up around the house and make the place look more colorful. Sometimes, I even borrow my family members’ items, like phone cases, and add decorative items to them.

What items have you made so far and which ones would you consider your favorite?

I started small, with pen holders and paper crafts, and moved on to things that can be worn on the head like flower crowns, cat ears etc. I’ve also made rainbow hearts, pocket lockets, key rings, wooden owls, costumes, belts, lava lamps and many other items.

My favorites would probably be the fluttering or rainbow hearts and the dreamcatcher. The fluttering hearts are a string of hearts that are painted and arranged in such a way that they resemble a rainbow.

Have you ever tried to sell your DIYs or make a career out of it?

I don’t really have a plan of selling my DIYs to anyone. It’s just something I do as a hobby. I fear that if I ever were to sell my DIYs, I would let the profit element get to my head and not try to alleviate my stress, instead add to it. I also realised that doing it on a large scale would be more hectic.

Do you provide any tutorials for the people who want to try out your items?

Yes, I do offer tutorials. I either post video tutorials or I photograph them stage by stage, arrange it like a collage and post it on Instagram. In the description, I mention the materials I have used and the procedure to make it. Anyone who has a query can leave a comment and I would answer their queries for them.


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