-Arsha Mech Vikraman, I Year B.A. English

I wake up bleary-eyed,
so mystified.
I need that cold water to wash over me,
to feel purified.
I require that fluoride to cleanse my mouth,
rinse the inside and wash it all out.
I’ll empty the waste and feel light,
ready for the new day that is bright.

As the cotton gracefully finds its shape against my upper body,
I look at my unsuspecting reflection.
She moves with such conviction,
I don’t feel myself any longer.
She has fooled me into thinking,
I am all I ever want to be.

Unfortunately, I know all her little tricks,
all her clever quirks and quips.
I know that she has weaved a perfect picture,
in which I only feature,
and will broadcast it again tomorrow.


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