Padmaavat And The Right To Expression Of Thoughts

-Swetha R, I Year B.A. English

Padmaavat seems to have decided that it wants to break records of all kinds: be it being proclaimed as one of the most successful Bollywood movies or being one of the most controversial movies of this decade. After a lot of controversies and delay in its release date, the movie was finally released on 25th January 2018.  The constant demand of the Karni Sena and other groups calling for a ban on the movie has had quite the opposite effect: the movie is breaking records not only nationally, but also on an international level. When a majority of us were thinking that we could finally move on from this issue, an actress’ review of the movie seemed to have caught the attention of the people who decided that they had to reply to her scalding letter and prolong the long list of controversies surrounding the movie.

Ms.Swara Bhaskar’s letter criticizing the movie was a bit out of context, according to a few netizens, who felt that she was looking at the movie from a modern perspective instead of viewing it from the period in which it had took place. This seems to be a valid point of argument, for if we are going to judge every historic drama for having a regressive line of thought, we can’t make movies depicting whatever happened in the past. We need to accept that these issues existed in the past and be happy that we have managed to break from these backward ideas and come a long way as a nation. That being said, a few crude comments on Ms.Bhaskar’s personal and professional life were uncalled for. Everybody has a right to speak and it is absolutely wrong to harass somebody just because their view points are different from us. Ironically, it also depicts the regressive thoughts that have still not been eliminated from our minds. It points out that, even after all these years, we have not learned to acknowledge the fact that the way each one thinks is different and that it is okay to have opposing viewpoints.

So before we go about commenting about the “wrong viewpoints” of other people, maybe we should pause for a moment and actually put in some thought about whether what we believe to be right is actually right.


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