Of Popeye And Pulippu Muttai

-Pooja Krishna H A, III Year B.A. English

Once upon a time, you were considered abnormal if you didn’t watch the 9.00 A.M. to 10.00 A.M. cartoons before the school bus arrived (mostly Popeye or Tom and Jerry).

Once upon a time, you were considered a loner if you didn’t come out to play Lock and Key with the neighborhood kids in the evenings.

Once upon a time, you were considered anorexic (though the concept probably hadn’t been proposed by then) if you didn’t eat pulippu muttais like they were the only things keeping you alive.

Those were the 90’s.


You are considered abnormal if you aren’t up to date with news of the Winchester boys’ next adventure.

You are considered a loner if you don’t have Temple Run or Candy Crush installed in your phone.

You are considered anorexic if you don’t pine for M&M’s.

Do you see the differences here?

The 90’s, according to many people, were the golden years. There was colour, there was brilliance, there was beauty. Kids were healthy, people were active, and most importantly, everyone was happy. Happiness was found in sharing recipes, owning colour pencils, and discussing the latest cricket matches. Today, happiness is the farthest thing in people’s minds as they struggle to catch up with the fast-paced world.

Man is a social animal, and where is happiness in sitting by yourself, too immersed in your own troubles to even smile at your neighbor?

Oh, don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against Supernatural or Smart games or junk food. In fact, I am a firm advocate of change, but I also happen to wonder if maybe the changes that have taken place over the years are all good ones.


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