Note From The Editors

As a new year sets in, we’re reminded of the past and all the moments we’ve let go of, all the moments we’ve cherished as well as the ones we’ve lost. But more importantly, we’re expectant of the future and everything that it holds for us.

The question – ‘what if?’ always buzzes around our minds up, and in this month’s issue, we bring to you a Futuristic theme, revolving around everything the world is heading towards, as we run against time.

The articles for this month are centred on Artificial Intelligence, Futuristic experiences, Identity Crises and even extend to TV show/movie reviews, tributes and the uproar that ‘Padmavat’ created in our country. We have also reported the Cancer Awareness program that was conducted in Stella Maris College, as well as the effects of the Bus Strike in Chennai. Our Humans Of Stella feature, poems and TTTs make an appearance in this issue as well.

So, as we present to you Stellaeidoscope’s January issue, we hope that you set one foot forward with us, because as they all say, why not make the Future our Present?


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