Humans Of Stella

Compiled by Samyuktha. L. S I Year B.A. English
Image Credits: Krishna J Nair, I Year B.A. English

Neeraja Sekar

I love stories. Who doesn’t? But that one simple reason is what made me choose History and Tourism as my major, and I don’t regret it.

It shows you a completely different take on the world, a whole new perspective. You see everything you’ve been seeing, even normal, mundane things, with new eyes.

I find it pointless to live without knowing. I believe that the way in which something begins adds a lot of value. Without its story, without knowing how it all started, it’s pointless.

I feel that Living is Knowing.

Although it’s often construed as living in the past, honestly, if asked, I’d choose deep sea diving, any day, over flying. Going deep and just losing yourself amongst all those stories and events is just so much fun. Much more exciting than the new age definition of ‘fun’ that people throw around these days.

You know how some people just make you fall in love with what they love simply by the way they talk about it? Well, that’s what one of my history teachers, Gayathri ma’am, did with her paper this semester. She made me fall in love with history all over again. During her paper, I realized that History is nothing new, it’s just a cycle. History repeats itself, be it fashion, sports or politics, it repeats itself in new ways, in new stories, stories that are the kind you can’t stop reading once you start.

History has its own blurry lines, but as you start digging up, learning all about the past, you slowly start to discover yourself, and then a bit later, those blurry lines transform into a clear reflection of your roots, and who you truly are. So maybe history isn’t something that’s just the past.

Look into history, and maybe all those blurry lines won’t be blurry anymore.


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