Cancer Awareness Program

-Mathangi Mahesh Kumar, III Year B.A. English
Image Source: Stella Maris College website

On the 29th of January, Stella hosted a talk on cancer awareness in association with the Life Again Foundation. Miss Gautami, described as a ‘mother, actress and the Director of the organisation’, educated the students on the different ways to prevent and recover from cancer.

Cancer, she believed, need not be equated to death. She encouraged the audience, instead, to be aware of the disease and to not let it take them by surprise. She also spoke of her own struggles with cancer and how in the four years that had passed since she was diagnosed, she has lived life to its fullest.

She broke the taboos that were attached to cancer and spoke out against the notion of hair fall and other consequences, and said that all that was needed was the “will to fight back”, without getting too stressed about what might happen, as everybody should take their life into their own hands. She also focused on the health benefits of organic products and other fresh produce that would enable one to lead a healthy lifestyle.

She, then, spoke of the survivors of cancer who address themselves as “winners”. After urging the students to participate in the Winners Walk that was to be conducted on the 4th of February, she opened the stage to questions from the audience and concluded her speech. The programme ended with a pledge by all the audience members, including teachers, students and other faculty members, to fight cancer.


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