10 Futuristic Technologies You May Experience

-Nevedetha Swaminathan, II Year B.Com (A&F)
Image Source: http://www.google.com

Millennials spend a vast amount of their time on gadgets that constantly keep improving. It cannot be doubted that these gadgets will play a bigger role in the future. From jet packs that help you fly to virtual pets with digital minds, here is a list of ten futuristic technologies –

  1. Invisible computers: These computers are going to be embedded in clothing, gaming equipment (such as tennis racquets) and even in human bodies. This can be used for various applications such as motion sensors, GPS locators etc. Finally! You can find that missing sock without a problem!
  2. Interplanetary internet: With recent talks going on about humans going to Mars, it is likely that a much superior version of the internet will be set up in Mars to encourage the sharing of internet between the two planets. Now, you can post a picture on Instagram for your followers from Mars!
  3. Personal fabricators: Personal fabricators will allow people to make their own vaccines, robots, etc., in the comfort of their own home. There will be no need to visit pharmacies or hospitals to get your shots.
  4. Shape shifting: A Physicist by the name of Michio Kaku, predicts that humans will be able to shape shift with just a few keystrokes, by the year 2050, although it is not very clear as to what or how many forms humans can shape shift into.
  5. Virtual animals with digital minds: Do you remember the small handheld game device that allowed you to take care of a virtual pet like a real one? Well, in the near future it is possible that there will be an enhanced version of this game that allows the user to have a more realistic experience of having a pet. This is good for people who would like to see if they are pet-ready before adopting a real one.
  6. Prosthetics with a sense of touch: It is really difficult for people to adapt to prosthetics after losing a limb. It is even more difficult to cope with the loss of one’s sense of touch in those prosthetics. Researchers and scientists are looking for a way to enable the prosthetic limb to restore the sense and help the person differentiate between what they are grabbing or what they are stepping on.
  7. Jet packs: As children, we would have watched cartoon shows that showed a character launching up into the air with a jet pack, always leaving us awe-struck. Well, that is soon going to become a reality. A company called Jetpack International is soon going to make jet packs that can be used on a regular basis. Right now, they only have two models that can be used for events or functions. However, they don’t come very cheap either. The jet packs start at $100,000 and are priced higher with greater features.
  8. Hyperloop: This is the next mode of transportation introduced by SpaceX. It is a sealed tube through which a pod may travel free of air resistance or friction conveying people or objects at high speed while being very efficient. Now, you don’t have to worry about being late for class!
  9. Universal translator: This device is going to help people translate any language as quick as possible. This is very useful for people who want to learn a new language, or for tourists to effectively communicate with locals and not worry about the language barrier.
  10. Wireless Recharging: Never worry about looking for a charging point with this device. Just place your gadgets on top of the recharger and let the device do its magic. It charges your device with the help of electromagnetic induction, so you won’t have to waste too much electricity.

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