Theatricals 2017

-Riya Nagendra, I Year B.A. English

Evam Theatricals 2017 was a huge success, with colleges in and around Chennai coming to showcase their skills in theatre. Ten scripts were shortlisted for the semi-finals performance that was held on the 26th of November. Of these, seven were selected for the finals of the event, held on the 2nd of November, at Alliance Française.

The plays performed included a fun mystery adventure, a dystopian drama and a lot of social commentary – the students of Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College (Trichy) captured the audience with their energetic performance on the plight of sanitation workers; SRM Easwari Engineering College portrayed the harsh lives of the Sri Lankan Tamils with a monodrama; R.K.M Vivekananda College put up a satirical piece on the IPL match-fixing scandal.

The host performance by the Stella Players was a light performance, about a Tamil-Brahmin family looking to get their daughter married, and was a favourite of the audience. It was directed by Ashley Shillong.

The judges for the day were Maya S. Krishnan, Abhishek Joseph George, T.M. Karthik and Vijay Saravanan. The winners of the event were decided based on an audience poll and the judges’ decision. The award for Best Play went to Srimad Andavan College, and the runners-up were R.K.M Vivekananda. The award for Best Actor went to the mono-dramatist from S.R.M. Easwari, and the Best Actress was Ayushi, from S.R.M Kattankulathur.

The event was a tremendous learning experience for the participants and volunteers.


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