Humans Of Stella

-Samyuktha Shiva, I Year B.A. English
Image Credits: Krishna J Nair, I Year B.A. English

Amutha – ‘Security akka’

“I know everybody here thinks I’m a very tough, rude person. I don’t blame them.

All they see is the harsh side, but I wish they would understand that there is more to me than just that. I’m a human being too.

I have feelings. Time to time, those feelings do get hurt and I’m not as chirpy as one would want me to be, yes, but that does not make me a monster.

I actually love children.

I have two of my own at home. A girl and a boy, both studying in college. I love them so much; I would give my life away if it meant giving them even a few years of comfort and joy.

You should see them, if I get home late even by just fifteen minutes, they get scared. When I check my phone, there would be a hundred missed calls.

They’re very attached to me, maybe because I’m all they have. Their father is almost never at home, and when he is, I don’t want to say much but let me just say, he doesn’t behave all that great.
I’ve spent most of life, earning and caring for my children, and yes, that did mean a lot of slogging and sleepless nights, it’s not easy being a female security guard, that too for 15 whole years. But it’s worth it.

Coming back to those two beautiful faces makes me forget all the pain I feel, be it physically or mentally, and that’s all a parent really wants.

I know it’s the end of the year, and I don’t have much to tell you children. I just want you to understand the importance of two things: loving your family, and respecting everyone you meet, even a security guard like me. I say this because, the other day, I was almost pushed to the ground and stamped over by a group of girls wanting to rush out of college. All I was trying to do was tell them to wait, so that the car in front of them could get in.

As the days pass, your indifference gets stronger, and I don’t know if you realise this, but it does hurt us. We are just doing our jobs, but we still do care for you.

I don’t want to end this on a sad note; I really love you children, and I wish only for your happiness and success.


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