-Akchayaa R., II Year B.A. English

Waiting at the railway station,
I crane my neck
To catch a glimpse of the East India Company’s greatest gift to India
That is supposed to take me home.
The mysterious voice announcing this magnificent creature’s arrival
In tongues I could not fathom
Reminded me of a footman
Crying praises before the arrival of a king.

I hop onto the train fighting the crowd,
Hoping that it would take me to places
That I have heard of only in books;
To mountains and valleys and rivers
Where I can get lost to find myself.
I beg this giant machine
To take me to strange cities with palaces and forts
Fit for queens,
Queens who held their heads high
Even when the world around them was slowly crumbling down.

The train comes to a sudden halt
And I realise it is time to get down.
But I do not reach mountains or palaces of silver and gold.
Oh! I seemed to have reached home.
I look around the station like a lost child,
Lost in the familiarity.
It was only then I realised
That sometimes home can be the long metal box with friendly strangers for company
That leaves you with the desire of dancing to the tunes of nature
And fuelling the wanderlust in you.


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