Europe’s Hidden Marvels

-Arsha Mech Vikraman, I Year B.A. English
Image Credits: Arsha Mech Vikraman, I Year B.A. English

The joy of finding a place to calm yourself is a rarity, at times. While we usually travel to conventional places like London and Paris, some of the real treasures lie within the interiors of these countries and within Europe itself. Let’s begin this fascinating journey!

  1. Cyprus –

The country of Cyprus is often overlooked and it really shouldn’t be. Most often, people go to Nicosia which is the capital city, but one look at the map later, my parents and I realised we would be stuck in the middle of the country and that transport would be a problem, so we settled for a city called Larnaca, which had a huge beach and was closer to every popular spot, and this was coupled with a great place by the sea.
I also loved that I could hear the sounds of the sea from the balcony. If you want to just relax for a week, get yourself here, it’s a relaxing atmosphere with friendly locals and, most importantly, excellent Greek food which will have you tearing up every time you order a Mezzo in Chennai.

  1. Romania –


Yes, yes, good old Count Dracula sure does live there, but that’s nothing. We decided to visit the many castles in the country. Forget about the Dracula’s castle and visit Peles Castle instead. The Sinai area is really beautiful and is more reminiscent of a great novel. With churches that look like this, I don’t see any reason why you should go to London again.

  1. Engelberg, Switzerland –


Zurich seems nice. No. It is complete blasphemy to go to Zurich when this town is around. This is a small skiing town about 2-3 hours away from Zurich. It is also where Mount Titlis is. It is a quaint little town where you can actually walk around the entirety of the town in about an hour. There is also a beautiful cathedral here that fills one with such a lasting sense of peace and in the same compound, there is a cheese shop that serves the best fondue.
If you want to see a country that has been stereotyped as the land of snow, I highly recommend this beautiful town.




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