Christmas Fete at Stella Maris College

-Gaayathri Sukantha Murugan, I Year B.V.A

Ushering in the season of sharing, Stella Maris College had its much awaited Christmas fête on December 16th in order to raise funds for the poor. It began with energetic students setting up their stalls in the NCC ground and the OAT, after attending 2 hours of classes. Tokens of different denominations were sold to students of every class. All the proceeds went to charity. The students were required to pitch in by setting their own stalls, making food and conducting games, and the income they received from this would go towards these funds.

From food to games to accessories and jewellery, the fête had it all. There was even a scary house in the main block.

There was no lack of variety in the food; there were stalls selling biryani, cake pops, brownies, sausages, cold coffee, chaat, chocolates, and much more.

Besides all the delicious food, there were stalls with fandom quizzes and memory games, books, bookmarks, handmade jewellery, Christmas cards, caricature and sketch stalls, photo booths, and song requests on stage. Needless to say, there was plenty to stir up the merry mood within every student and teacher.

Walking around, people advertised their department stalls by yelling loudly, playing music, drawing people’s attention, holding up posters or the products they were selling. The place was packed with people and moving around was a minor issue, and the congestion and humidity made it a bit suffocating. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful experience.

Being the first batch of third years to have the fête, the Students’ Union President Sharline Richard said they had all been very excited. Since the hard work and effort put in went towards a good cause, not only did everyone enjoy the fête, but they also had the satisfaction of helping others, during this Christmas season of joy and giving.


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