Abe Kalia’s Revenge

-Tanya Mary, I Year B.A. English

One fine day, Nora was sitting in a corner and crying. Her wise grandma Bhishmi asked her, “Why are you crying, my sweet little skylark?” ‘
“A rude Stella kaaka snatched my donut with chocolate topping and flew away,” she bawled.

“Oh that… there’s a great legend behind that…,” Bhishmi said.

“Really? Tell me, paati, please?” Nora pleaded.

“Long long ago, before Bharatamuni was born, there was a tree which bore delicious donuts with chocolate topping, in the middle of Garden Jayden. The mighty Orlando was entrusted with guarding it. One day, a cute little flying dinosaur, Dinoboy passed that way and was entranced by the nascent loveliness of these donuts. He requested Orlando to give him a donut. Orlando refused. Dinoboy pleaded, rolled on the floor, cried and begged him to give a donut. At last, Orlando relented when Dinoboy agreed to write poems in praise of Rosalind, Orlando’s girlfriend and stick it to trees. Orlando gave him a half-roasted donut. As Dinoboy was about to bite into it, a ferocious crow snatched it away from him and sat majestically on a tree and delivered a short speech of 272 words which is popularly known as the Donysburg address. It is known as one of the most influential speeches in the Kingdom of Kaaliapur. “This is my revenge for my ancestors being denied the right to eat donuts ages ago,” Abe Kaalia said to Dinoboy. Dinoboy was guilt ridden and he and his entire clan committed suicide. That is how Dinosaurs became extinct. Orlando shot at Abe Kaalia with his arrow. Abe Kaalia cursed the tree as well as Orlando saying that Karma will ensure that no other homosapien can have their food in peace as long as Abe Kaalia’s descendants were alive. The descendants of this legendary crow can be found in and around Stella Canteen till this day. That is why there is no such tree nowadays and the reason behind them holding grudges against all homosapiens…”

Nora listened with wonder in her eyes. The great mystery was solved at last. She resolved to respect Stella crows the next time she met them and spread the legend herself.


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