Tech Review: iPhone X

-Arsha Mech Vikraman, I Year B.A. English
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Ah, the day has arrived. I remember quite vividly when I saw the prototypes of the iPhone X (pronounced ten), I was so sure that Apple would never approve such an ugly looking phone. Sure, it’s shiny and beautiful but it is still a really expensive phone. There are only two storage variants- 64 GB and 256 GB, neither of which are cheap. The 64 GB variant costs 94,000 rupees while the 256 GB costs 1,30,000 rupees.


Despite the price, it claims to be the revolutionary step forward for Apple which recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of its iPhone. The phone features an ugly notch on an otherwise lovely screen, but it does have a purpose. The notch has two cameras – one for Face ID recognition and the other for the newly improved front facing camera that can make your average selfie look like you commissioned a studio for a picture.

The camera on the back, however, remains the same as on the iPhone 7, but with a few more tweaks. The whole device is made of glass, so it isn’t a surprise when many people have already dropped their phones and shattered them to bits.


All the fuss about wireless charging is really not that big of a deal. Samsung and other companies had already brought out that feature in some of their previous models. Apple even tried to market the water-resistance feature, whereas Sony had come up with a model which was water proof upto a certain depth. If you do have an extra 1.5 lakhs lying around and you love Apple, please buy it, it is a great phone but if you already have a previous generation iPhone or a good mid-priced Android, I don’t see how it could possibly be worth it.


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