Different Direction

-Arsha Mech Vikraman, I Year B.A. English

Over the years, there have been many boy bands and unfortunately, to the dismay of many teenage hearts, these bands did break up. A good example is the Beatles, where each artist was different and contributed to the music industry in a different way. Similarly, in today’s times, we have the breakup of several bands, and one of them is the popular band ‘One Direction’.


While they may not have been great together as a band, they do make fantastic artists individually. Here’s a look at what the artists have forayed into –


Liam Payne – Now, he focuses on dance-pop music that attracts all types of teeny-boppers. He might just still remain in the teenage crush phase, after all.


Louis Tomlinson- He mostly stuck to his EDM DJs and does collaborative singles with them, along with a few high profile singers such as Bebe Rexha and has achieved moderate amounts of success.


Niall Horan- The only one who stuck to an extremely simplistic approach of being a singer/songwriter. Horan hasn’t stopped being himself and that is what has made him successful. His raw originality hasn’t changed at all and that will propel him further in the industry.


Harry Styles- Possibly the most stylish one of the five, he embodies old school Mick Jagger and David Bowie. If you’re looking for a classic British rocker with a pop sound, look no further. No one else will give you the feet-stomping music in a good album. His work is a beautiful ode to classic British rock (Bowie and Jagger’s times) with his own personal spin.


Zayn Malik- The most anticipated member. Malik has probably made the most R&B music of the five and now focuses on more adult themes in music unlike the teenage themes he used to croon during his boyband days.


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