A Day Out

-Gaayathri Sukantha Murugan, I Year B.V.A

I went to the park today. It was full of screaming, noisy children.
Now, as a rule, I hate kids. I can’t stand them. However, walking around, watching them have fun, climbing on monkey bars, swinging on swings, sliding down slides or playing on other things (whose names I’ve grown too old to remember) made me miss my childhood. I remember I used to come to this park as a child, but not much else. I loved the swings; I still do. I miss my carefree days as a child; the days without worries, problems or responsibilities.
The friends you make as a child may not stay forever, but they do make childhood a fond memory for most.
As I walked around the park, I heard balloons. The sound brought to mind the times I’d wake up early on Sunday mornings and run to the gate, just to listen to the balloon seller go by.
When I was a child, I remember making paper boats and letting them go down the tiny streams created by muddy rain water flowing down the street.
I miss when 5P.M. was considered late, and midnight was a time when no one was awake. I miss the times when the biggest worry on my mind was if I’d be on time to school.

I miss the time before my innocence was lost.


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