On A Quest To Find Donald Duck’s Pants

Krishna J Nair, I Year B.A. English

Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”
I’ve been dreaming about finding Donald Duck’s pants, but still, here I am; pondering over where they went and, more importantly, why he wraps a towel around his waist after shower, but walks around in his underpants all the time.

The best place to find these answers must be Disney Land. With the famous ride “It’s a small world after all,” you’ll never find someone you know there, for it is swarmed by humans enthralled by the animated world. This is one proof of how much influence the animated world has over the real world. Millions of people visit Disney Land all over the world every year; sometimes even multiple visitors. Disney Land and Universal Studios, in a way, promote animated movies because, though any teenager may be fascinated with animated movies, the parents accompanying them may not; which raises the question – “who is this girl with the ‘frozen’ dress?”

Disney movies, or any animated movie for that matter, not only spreads ‘joy’ around the world, but also evokes the hidden talents of cartoonists (young and old) and children. When people see cartoon figures on screen as live people walking around, waving and hugging random people, it gives them the hope that anything is possible.

So if anyone cribs about watching too many animated movies, you can just throw facts at their face. Moreover, you can never find a sad face in this wonderland, because hey, “Hakuna Matata.” So update your bucket list now, because if you are lucky enough, you may get to share a ride with Nemo and Dory, with Dory misspelling your name till the very end


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