Teacher’s Day Celebrations

Mercy Johny, III Year B.A. English
Image Source: Stella Maris College website

The teacher’s day celebrations at Stella Maris College on September 5th hailed the people who make the college what it is, providing wholesome learning for all. The function began with a prayer song sung by the Western Music Club.
Sangeetha Joseph, the cultural secretary, then addressed the gathering, and welcomed everyone. The Presidential address given by Sharline focused on how teaching went beyond the classroom during her years at the college, without being restrictive or dull for anyone.
Scholarships for PG students were then announced, and Sister Susan then spoke about the importance of every single teacher to an educational institution, and how they contribute to the overall growth of the college. The recognition gained by teachers was also a subject stressed upon.
Miss Mary Terry from the Chemistry department was then awarded, for the third consecutive year, for her research contributions.
Performances by various clubs then ensued, entertaining the audience as the Light Music Club, Mime club and a scintillating fusion dance performance by the 3 dance clubs brought out loud cheers from all.
With a vote of thanks, Anitta Jaison, the General Secretary, expressed her gratitude and thanked all teachers for being more than people we meet in classrooms, and thus, reflected the thoughts of all the students present in the campus, who will forever carry in their minds the mark of a teacher who taught them life beyond four walls.


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