Inter Years 2017: Lights! Camera! Action!

Mercy Johny, III Year B.A. English
Swetha Ramesh, I Year B.A. English
Divya Mahesh, II Year B.Sc Mathematics

The much awaited inter-years competition ‘Lights, Camera, Action – Behind The Scenes’ organized by the Students Union on 16th September saw talent and enthusiasm amongst many students. With upbeat music and some fun competitions, the air buzzed with excitement as the students gathered in large groups, visited delicious food stalls – including a food stall, for the very first time – and the arrival of several celebrities, the judges’ performances and upbeat music only added to their glee.
With the third years taking home the trophy, and the second years bagging the second prize for the overall competition, here’s a look at the events that took place to make the Inter-years a spectacular day for all:


The most anticipated event during the day was the Group Dance competition, where around 20 participants per team had to pick props, that would be given to them by the process of lots, and they had to use these props such as chairs and umbrellas to dance accordingly, while the last five to six minutes of the dance needed to have a medley of classical and western music.

Held at the big OAT, this event drew loud cheers from the audience as they saw their friends dancing to popular songs and peppy beats.


Almost an actual battle with the teams confidently showing off their moves and competing with the opposing team, this event required hard work, and most importantly, co-ordination between the three participants per team, as the music choices would differ randomly according to the judge’s wishes. Playing tamil songs and then, English songs immediately after, this event held at the Big OAT, tested their adaptability to tunes and their skills.


The group music competition was held at M-0-1 from 10.30am. The judge for the competition was Mr. Srinivasan Raghunathan, better known as Nivas, a renowned singer who participated in Airtel Super Singer 3. The competition saw the teams presenting songs in such a way that it depicted a story. The teams participated enthusiastically and the songs they sung were in accordance with the story they presented which was well-appreciated by the judges and the audience alike.


This event held at the Big OAT, had participants tickle the audience into peals of laughter as the judges also ensured that everybody was thoroughly entertained, switching from devotional channels to tamil serials. Held from 10:45 am, with 4-8 participants per team, this event ensured a fun and interesting time for all.


The participant, as known to all, had to assume a role and convince the captain of the sinking ship as to why that sole individual should be rescued. Held in the AV room from 12:30 pm, the participants were given roles such as Narendra Modi and Priyanka Chopra, as each character tried to prove their worth in spite of the many troubles that were pulling them down. This event, therefore, enhanced the spontaneity and creativity of the students.


Again focusing on spontaneity and team work, the participants for this event were given a product to endorse merely two minutes before they entered the stage, and the 8 participants per team were encouraged to make up their own tunes and brand lines for these products. Held at M 0-1, from 11:30 am, this event tested their creativity and ensured that the audience had a good time.


This costume show had participants make costumes out of newspapers and bring out big red ribbons with much flair, and showcase it to the audience. Held at the Big OAT, from 1:45 pm, this event also required a story base, with a narration being told during a frozen scene.


Encouraging on-stage presence and skills, this event required the participant to give a voice over for a regional movie scene with English words, and thus, humor and wit were greatly required. The audience had an entertaining time, and the event held at M 1-1 was a great success.

This online event where the participants had to design their own poster and submit it on the theme ‘Alice in Stellaland’, ensured that there was all round participation, online, on stage and off stage from all possible students from Stella Maris College.


A usual show of strength, this event took place in the NCC Grounds, with 20 participants taking part from 1 team, per year from 11 am to 12 noon.


This event had its main questions centered on movie classics and other questions that were not just for movie buffs, but for every student who wished to answer their contantly questioning minds. Taking place at A 1-2 from 10 am to 12 noon, there were 4 participants per team who took part in this event.


Being asked to cook dishes without fire or electrical appliances is a tough task, and this is what the 3 participants per team, from each year, had to do. However, dishing out some delicious food in front of the NCC room, from 1 pm to 3 pm, this event turned out successful with some chefs in the making.


This event highlighted the thinking and entrepreneurial capacity of a student, as it required the participant to begin with an investment of Rs.500 and earn profits accordingly. Held outside the B.Voc lab from 9:30 am to 3 pm, this event saw a good balance of creativity and logic.


Almost similar to Treasure Hunt, this event enabled students to discover different objects through clues handed over to them, and this object eventually had to be photographed. With almost 10 participants per team, the photographs had to be handed over to the Union to be judged later accordingly.


A classic combination of Pictionary, Taboo and Dumb Charades, this event held at M 2-1 from 1:45 pm had many participants vying to know more about the theme – cinema. Each round saw the elimination of one team, and the topics ranged from Spotlight to catwalk and many more.


From the TV show games, many would know about this, but the students still found it hard to ace their game in the span of just one minute, with games ranging from cup/card stacking, hula hoop, jumping rope, etc. It took place in the Basketball ground from 10 am with 4 participants per team.


Encouraging songs from different regions, these participants who arrived at M 0-1 took part in the event from 2pm to 3pm and sang some melodious tunes, with rules that were explained to them on the spot.


The Creative Writing event required students to make up a plot twist, quite literally. They were given the summary of the Sherlock Holmes movie, and the students, then, had to concoct their own stories or poems using this as the only background information. Held at M 1-14, with two participants per team, and 2 teams per year, this event certainly brought out the imaginative minds of many.


With movie characters as inspirations, one participant had to do the hair and make up for their team mate, the other participant. This event took place in M 1-14 right after the Plot Twist, from 12 noon onwards.


This event brought out the spontaneity and the execution capabilities of students as they had to deliver their speech in just a minute (JAM) with the topics that were given right at the spot. Held at M 1-1, this event saw four participants from each year vying to prove their talent and succeed with their oratory skills.


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